Brabble Mobile App Social Network

  • An interactive Network where you can Sell & Shop while being Social
  • Post with Audio, Video, Pic & Text while browsing or selling products
  • New Version of the Brabble App launches Q2 2019


  • Turbo Charge your online sales & drive customer retention !
  • Increase Online Sales & Brand Visibility
  • Data - Track, Monitor & Monetize your customers
  • Simplify the shopping & checkout process in a secure environment


Brabble is an interactive social network that boasts all forms of media. Audio, Video, Picture & Text , creating a fun, energetic and engaging community of social users.

On Brabble you can be as creative as you like, expressing yourself with all forms of social. Add Audio to Text and Image posts to enhance your content and drive engagment !

Reply back to others with our “Brabbleback” feature, with Audio, Video, Picture & Text to really stir up engaging conversations, arguments, debates and discussions with the community. The Audio feature lets communication become far more intimate than other networks.

Buy & Sell Products (eCommerce)

Add Brabble’s Revolutionary *Star Tag feature into the mix and you have the ability to buy and sell products directly within the network.

Share content to other social networks & eCommerce Marketplaces to enhance your audience and sales power! Help others sell their products by sharing their content to your friends and get paid a referral fee when anybody in your network makes a purchase !

*StarTags More Info Screen

A *StarTag is a Revolutionary & Patented Feature that helps online sellers Turbo Charge their sales & growth.

1- Increase Online Sales & Brand Visibility with multiple network-to-network sharing capabilities that plug product advertisements into existing user bases of active customers, increasing buying power and customers viewing your band / product.

2 – Extreme Data. Track, Monitor & Monetize online customers across social platforms and eCommerce networks to know your customer better, market products of interest, and drive new and repeat sales with active online shoppers. Learn your customers better!

3 – Expedite & Simplify the buying & checkout process by bringing eCommerce capabilities to social media platforms. Producing minimum click transactions without having to leave a social media site or having to re-enter shipping and credit card information multiple times while browsing the web.

4- SaaS. Brabble has the ability to offer your company the *StarTag Technology into your platform so that you can utilize all of its features directly within your own network to grow your sales, brand & business.

Stay Tuned for more soon as the new *StarTag platform goes live in Q2 2019